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My Nativity Set

Good Tuesday morning everyone!

Is your house all Christmas-y yet? I’m still working on it, but I wanted to share with you the very first decorations I got out this year. I was very excited about them, since I just got them for Christmas last year. Are you ready?


It’s my nativity! Ain’t it purdy? My in-laws got the set for me last Christmas, and my father-in-law built the stable himself to go with all the figurines. It has a place to perch the star (which originally has it’s own stand), and has a lightbulb that, unfortunately, you can’t see all lit up, because there’s no outlet anywhere near that table. And that’s the best table for the set, so it must remain un-illuminated. Maybe someday. 


I like the little lean-to as a stable. It’s sturdy, and just the right size for the set. And, as you can see, the Holy Family experienced a bit of inclement weather on their way there. It snowed poly-fill stuffing! (Looks believable enough though, right? No? Ok, give me a break… it’s all I’ve got right now. With tiny grabbing hands, it’s not worth getting more stuff out).

So peaceful...
So peaceful…

Here’s Mary and Joseph with their noble steed (Donkey!). Notice Mary’s arms… you can put the little baby Jesus either in her arms or in the manger when he comes (he’s in with the napkins in the drawer below. Sorry baby! It’s not your birthday yet!). I love that Mary can hold him. It’s a nice touch. I also like that Mary is kinda rocking a Mother Theresa vibe. 

Think of the poly-fill as reminiscent of a dream-scape... See it now?
Think of the poly-fill as reminiscent of a dream-scape… See it now?

Here’s the two shepherds with the Angel. Ideally I would have a whole legion of these angels like it says in the Gospel, but one will do. Besides, the shepherds don’t look nearly terrified/awed by the angel’s presence for there to be a whole legion of them. In fact, the one kinda looks like the Angel just gave him some indigestion. 

"'Tis my heart burning for Christ... Holy Heartburn, if you will... Pass the Tums..."
“‘Tis my heart burning for Christ… Holy Heartburn, if you will… Pass the Tums…”

But don’t get me wrong. I love this nativity set. It’s big and sturdy enough to last hopefully my whole life, and it has all the pieces. 

What was that? We’re missing someone? Three wise guys? OH don’t worry, we will see them soon.. On Thursday!

In the meantime, why don’t you share your nativity set? What kind do you have? Do you use something better than poly-fill for added decoration (I’m looking for ideas here!)? See you then!