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My Nativity Set: The Wise Men (NOT SHELF ELVES!)

Good Morning! Only three (four if you count today) days till Gaudete Sunday! (Holy Guacamole… raise your hand if you’re not ready!)

On Tuesday you saw my Nativity set, sans Wise men. Well, that’s because it’s not the Epiphany yet! Those Wise Guys are still on their way. In my house, they haven’t even met up with each other yet. I have one in the living room, one in the kitchen, and one in the playroom. But they haven’t stayed there that whole time. No, they’ve been migrating, in my attempt to be reminiscent of the actual journey of the maji. Other people in their house may have a wandering elf, I have migrating maji.

By the way. I hate the elves on the shelves. Well, hate may be a strong word. But kinda not. I guess it depends on the day and my mood. Why? You ask? They’re adorable, and inspire children’s imagination, and blahblahblah? Nope. I really have an issue with them. But I’ll explain that next Tuesday. Just hold your horses. Or camels. Because today is about those camels… and the men who ride them.

Or kneel beside them.
Or kneel beside them.

Ok, so the camel is a little disproportionate to Caspar there (I’ve decided that this one is Caspar. If you know better which one should be which, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!). And I know, I know, I need to take some photography classes. I’m working on it. But you know what’s fun about him, and his other three compatriots? He’s holding one of the three gifts of the magi, FOR REAL. This set came with real gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The puffy stuff makes it look like he's ascending into heaven... via my refrigerator, no? :)
The puffy stuff makes it look like he’s ascending into heaven… via my refrigerator, no? 🙂

Yeah, this guy, Melchior, is the one holding real gold (encased in a little vial that doesn’t leave the chest there), and the other two have empty boxes that you can put the frankincense and myrrh in. The set came with two bags (maybe a 1/2 ounce) of each, and suggests that you burn a piece to make the scent fill the room. I may do that when Finn is older, on Christmas or the Epiphany or something. For now, I simply showed the kids I nanny the pieces and had them smell each one. They said it reminded them of Church! Good job, kids!

So majestic...
So majestic…

Balthazar is hanging out in the playroom. Check out the look the camel is giving us. It’s like he knows something we don’t… Anyways, I’ve been trying to move the magi here and there every so often when the kids aren’t here (or aren’t looking… or it’s naptime), and they love it. Every day they look for them to see if they’ve moved. And if I’ve forgotten “Well, kids, they’ve got to rest SOMEtime! It’s a long journey to Bethlehemonmytable.” And best of all, they don’t get into any mischief! They don’t have the time for it! They have to find baby Jesus!

Just don’t tell them I hid Him in the napkin drawer, mmmkay?

*By the way, you have till Tuesday to convince me that the Elf on the Shelf is a good idea. My rant begins then!*

Thanks for stopping by! And have a great weekend, and happy Gaudete Sunday!