About Me

My name is Sheri Sheridan… and yes, I married into that name. Perfect, no? (It is, and so is my husband!) I’m a mother of one, and a nanny of four… and the oldest is only in first grade, so yeah. We stay pretty busy. Oh, I have a dog too. He’s a good dog.

I live in a small town in Ohio (it’s literally the whitest city in the entire U.S.A.), and in a very old house. I’m vehemently Catholic, a reader, a bit of a geek, an excellent cook and seamstress, and now I have a blog. What up? (Also, I have a tendency to use outdated phrases and street lingo. Bear with me.) This blog is new and still trying to find it’s legs, so if you have something that you would like me to talk about or would like to suggest something, please feel free to contact me at Sheridanigans @ gmail . com

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