Kefir With Me?

So in past posts I’ve alluded to making my own probiotics through fermented drinks. At least I thought I did. Didn’t I? Did I just dream that?


Well anyways, I’m making my own probiotics through fermented drinks. And so far, I’ve had pretty good success. As in, it’s palatable! Most fermented things are… questionable. Or, shall we say, requires one to ‘develop a taste’ for it. And because we’ve been able to drink it (for the most part) I’ve saved money already on probiotic pills. I’m not sure I’m going back either, since this magical drink makes me feel so much better than the pills ever did. What is this magical brew?

It’s Kefir Water!

And now for a song…

Kefir Kefir! It’s good for your heart!
It’s easy to make – you really should start!
The more you drink, the better you feel!
So drink some kefir for every meal!

Kefir Kefir! The magical drink!
Recipes are easy to find, I think.
The more you think, the more you learn!
Kefir will give your health a good turn!

Once more! With feeling! Sing along!

No? Ok, well how about this- through my research on the internet, I’ve realized that recipes for kefir water are as broad as they are long, and aren’t really what I’m looking for or expect, flavor-wise. Some of this is because kefir is a living organism, and its behavior changes with environmental fluctuations can be hard to control. Another reason is because there’s different ways to introduce flavors (1st ferment? 2nd ferment?) and different proportions of ingredients, not to mention different tastes of the recipe-makers.

Over the next few weeks here at home I’m going to be developing water kefir recipes for Sheridanigans, with the end goal being a sort of brew-along with all of us together. I’ll teach you how to get your kefir grains going, and how to make each of these recipes I intend to create, hopefully giving you greater success than I’ve had in the past couple of weeks. Fortunately, even when I have a bad batch that I need to dump, I’m only out a few tablespoons of sugar! So experimenting ain’t no thang.

But this is my question for you: would you care to kefir along with me? I know I don’t have any recipes up yet, but just visit the sites I have listed below, and you can get started on your own experiments, then be a bit more prepared when we actually have our brew-along! And here’s the bonus – you can get your kefir grains from me for FREE!* As you’ll learn, they can multiply pretty quickly. I already have an overabundance resting in my fridge. Just email me at Sheridanigans (AT)!

And now for the links, so you can look and see if you want to go it alone…

Cultures for Health – 10 ways to flavor water kefir

Delicious Obsessions – Let’s Get Fizzy With it!

The Creamer Chronicles – Water Kefir

That should be enough to get you started, plus there’s a TON more info if google is your friend. Be sure to email me as soon as you can, and I’ll get those grains to you!

*You may have to pay postage, depending on where you are… We can hash that out.


2 thoughts on “Kefir With Me?

    1. Ok, here’s a couple of links that are pretty comprehensive.
      So besides being a great probiotic and doing everything probiotics do for you (regulate digestion and elimination, decrease bloating) it’s been known to lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels, prevent overgrowths of yeast (so no yeast infections, thrush and the like), and just generally promotes that ‘good’ feeling you get (like after a good workout or shower or something). Some sites I’ve found claim that it can do everything from cure cancer (though I’m sure it can prevent) to treating wrinkles. But don’t let the outrageous claims keep you from trying it. At the very least, the known things that it does are worth giving it a shot.

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