Women! *Eyeroll* – Weekends with Chesterton

OK, so, this quote just made me laugh. I only just started reading “What’s Wrong With the World” so I haven’t gotten to this part yet, but…

“In all legends men have thought of women as sublime separately but horrible in a herd.”
― G.K. ChestertonWhat’s Wrong with the World

We can be formidable, can’t we? 😉

Speaking of, have you noticed that the past month I’ve featured only women saints on KNOWYOURSAINTS! ? Granted, it’s because you readers voted for them, but still. Be sure to visit there tomorrow when I break that trend with St. Conrad.

Till next week…


4 thoughts on “Women! *Eyeroll* – Weekends with Chesterton

  1. Hahahahaha! I’m not sure just *men* think that. Groups of women can be forces of large amounts of good or massive amounts of evil! Unfortunately.

    “sublime” is making me chuckle, though. 🙂

  2. Oh, goodness! Yes, indeed. For whatever reason that quote makes me think of the claim of some of the early women suffragists that if women had the vote they would be able to fix the world’s ills. That certainly didn’t work out as they expected, did it…

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