Settle Down, Brain…

So, do you remember when I mentioned in my posts about my new years resolutions that I intend on reading more? Well it looks like I’m going to have to start doing that soon or else I will simply go bonkers.

You see, I have a very active imagination. My imagination was SO active and I was SO into books as a child that I needed few friends, and the only reason that I even had friends was because I went to school, and books got all dirty at recess. And thanks to our elementary school librarian, who was also a nun, I had a great fear of harming a book. Well, not fear, really. Respect is a better word. I took great care of any and all books I laid my hands on. They fed me. They took me to different universes and gave me new ideas and friends and emotions. I held and cared for one like the treasure it was, from the first book I really feel in love with (A Wrinkle in Time, read in 2nd grade athankyouverymuch) to now.

But of course my reading time now a days is cut short. Between blogging, and diaper changing, and cooking, and volunteering, and cleaning, and… well you get the idea. My time for reading has taken a back seat.

And my brain is revolting. At night. IN MY DREAMS!

Let’s see, last night I was in an underground bunker full of terrorists, whose underground bunkers look surprisingly like a hospital/school, and apparently I didn’t make it to the nuke in time because it went off. I think I died at this point, or my brain got very metaphorical because we were all floating away on balloons, while skulls and bones popped up out of the ground. Also Finn and Mike were there… but Finn was maybe grown up? Weird.

The night before that I was trying to go undercover at a company that was making plastic people (androids maybe?) and replacing the real people with those plastic ones, under the pretense that they could make you look young forever, then pressing the real humans into service. I was making my way up the ranks, no one the wiser, till I met the president of the company, who KNEW I WAS COMING ALL ALONG! *gasp* Then I woke up.

That’s the gist of all I can remember right now, but long story short, these dreams are so vivid they haunt me a bit when I wake up. Oy. I know all I need to do to remedy this is READ!

So hopefully I’ll start reading some Chesterton today, not to mention finally editing that darn novel I wrote nearly ten years ago.

What about you? Do you have crazy dreams if you do/don’t do something? How on earth do you get rid of these things? Maybe I need to switch vitamins…


3 thoughts on “Settle Down, Brain…

  1. I had a dream once about a green and black stripe chasing me. One that I remember is way back before I married Richard and he was sick at home and I climbed through a window to see him and he was in his Berne Union band uniform in bed.

    1. I wondered! Last night my dreams were more ‘normal’? Or were about normal things (cooking, home renovation) they were still pretty odd though. And I still remembered them, which, I think, is strange. Isn’t it funny how we remember (or don’t) dreams?

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