Experiments of a 10 Month Old

Eoa10mo-DogFood&WaterQuestion: What is this pool of water that is laying here in the kitchen? Why is it beside the bowl of brown stuff? Also, what is the brown stuff? My 16-Month-Old peer “Birdie” and I investigate.

Background Research: Not much available. Mommy keeps hollering and pulling us away at crucial times, despite constructing alternating distractions. We notice big fluffy black rug with legs occasionally eating and drinking from these bowls. Obviously more experimentation is required.

Experiment 1

Hypothesis: This wet stuff is splashy.

Test: Birdie and I take turns smacking the water.

Conclusion: SPLASHY! Much wetness occurs. This appears to be a pool of water set out for our enjoyment. Also, gentle splashing sounds like tapping, which affords us more time for experimentation while Mommy thinks we are playing with my toy hammers.
Note Bene: Much wetness causes Mommy upset and makes us get new clothes. More research is needed.

Experiment 2

Hypothesis: Birdie’s already damp pants will be much fun in tiny kiddie pool.

Test:  Steal Birdie’s pants from dirty clothes bucket and dunk in water.

Conclusion: Pants are quite absorbent!  Water and splashing everywhere! Much fun!
NB: This seems to cause Mommy much consternation and hollering. Also new clothes again. More research is needed.

Experiment 3

Hypothesis: This brown stuff in the bowl is food.

Test: Eat food (must occur when Mommy is distracted) 

Conclusion: It IS food! Crunchy! And meaty. Not bad, not as good as graham crackers. Must be a source of food provided when one is hungry and Mommy is with the big kids. That’s nice of her.
NB: Mommy takes extra food out of my mouth and then gives me graham cracker. She gets the message.

Experiment 4

Hypothesis: New diaper will be fun in kiddie pool.

Test: Steal diaper from box and dunk in water.

Conclusion: FUN! Diaper gets big and heavy fast. Interesting.
NB: New clothes again.

Experiment 5

Hypothesis: Black cord chewy thing will be fun in kiddie pool.

Test: Steal black cord chewy thing from living room and dunk in kiddie pool.

Conclusion: Not as much fun as diaper or pants. Becomes wet (maybe use like a straw?).  Experiment cut short. More research is needed.
NB: Causes Mommy great hollering and frustration. Mentions Daddy and “playstation charge cord”? Puts black cord chewy thing back by the black box that goes “BEEP!” when I push it. Interesting.

Clearly more research is needed, because research is FUN! Possible new experiments may include dunking brown food, Mommy’s phone, the remote control, tissues, and other toys. I will have to be sure to let Mommy know I fervently dislike new clothes, as I will simply get wet again as experimentation continues.  Though some objects for experimentation may be hard to come by (i.e. Mommy’s phone), opportunities will arise, and I will be undaunted. After all, I’m just a baby.


And yes, folks, all of this has happened, and no, I don’t know what to do about it without starving and dehydrating our poor dog, because if he can get to it, so can Finn. And DANG is that kid fast! Lord help me! 


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