Resolve 2014 (pt. 2)

So it’s Thursday.

Did I say I was going to post Wednesday? Sorry about that. I went into research mode again after Mike started having flare-up symptoms again.

(I had a picture of the notebook page that was filled basically with notes and nonsense from my day of colitis research, but for some reason it’s a corrupted file. Should I consider that a sign? Either way, knock it off, iPhone…)

I’ll keep you updated on that adventure, although I should probably have an introductory post about that too, huh?  Anyways, here are my resolutions for this new year (and a bit on how they’re going so far), so you can know what to expect from this blog this year (get out while you still can!)


Since I don’t have a job that actively stimulates the higher… ok, wait I shouldn’t say that. Dealing with small children of different age ranges can be very mentally challenging. Yet there’s something ‘bookish’ that’s missing there. My vocabulary suffers when I don’t do what I plan on doing this year, and that is, primarily, READ MORE! I used to chew through books like they were a Big Mac and I was a starving teenage boy. Still can, if I get the chance, but I’m not exposed to a lot of reading material anymore, being outside of the school system basically. What I’m saying is that it’s more of an effort, so I’m going to make that effort to read more. I hope to have a reading goals list, and/or a few posts on what I HAVE read, maybe with reviews.

The reading that I plan on doing will include learning more about alternative medicines, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is the most complicated form of alternative medicine out there right now (I’ve already wrapped my head around essential oils/aromatherapy. That’s pretty straight-forward. Look for me on Pinterest to see what I’ve found on essential oils).

Along with reading comes writing. I used to write like crazy. Obviously I’ve taken up writing here, but that’s not the same as what I used to do. I’ve written a novel, and have stories in my head that need out. More on that in a bit.



No, I don’t need to lose weight. Nursing has taken care of 90% of the baby weight for me (yay!), but what I DO need to do is tone up. Get rid of the diastasis rectii (look it up – you’ll be better off for it), and get stronger and more fit. I want to be lean and trim AND have an established exercise routine by the time I get pregnant again. The thing is, I have to get up and do it first thing in the morning, and I am SO not a morning person. Especially when the baby doesn’t sleep ‘like a baby.’ BUT I’m proud to say I’ve been doing pretty good so far! And -bonus!- Mike has started working out with me in the morning. So there’s that. Go family health!

Side note – as soon as it warms up outside, we are SO going to start taking walks in the evening again. We did that before I got pregnant (and couldn’t walk to fast due to slippery hips and carrying quite big), and I miss it.



What I plan on doing here is just a stepping stone.

Say a Divine Mercy chaplet on Friday at 3:00 PM.

Family Rosary every Sunday.

And it really doesn’t need any more explanation than that, does it? (Ok, if you think it does, let me know and I’ll explain more)



So I already mentioned the family Rosary, right? Well, since Finn has cousins and they are all old enough to play together, I’ve decided to host a family dinner every other Sunday, and start by saying a rosary all together. It’s a bit distracting having all the babies running around or trying to grab our rosaries. Nonetheless, a good time is had by all.  Yay togetherness…


And finally, the bonus resolution…


Thinking long-term for this blog has made me realize that I want a better look and feel for this blog, which means that I’m going to have to put up some money for it, which means that I’m going to need some sponsors, not to mention the ability to host my website independently.

This is where you come in. You see, if I’m going to get the blog looking nicer, that means I need sponsors, which means I’ll need more readers. And I won’t get more readers all by myself. So if you like the shenanigans going on here at Sheridanigans, and want to see it look nicer/have more posts/get more fun stuff going on here, I would be much obliged if you would share this blog on whatever social website you like. Or simple word of mouth does fine too. I’m not picky. And I won’t ask for your help very often, don’t worry.

On top of that, I’ll reward your loyalty by letting you into a part of me/my life/my brain that I’ve kept hidden and dormant in the files of my mind (and my computer) for a few years now. (Remember when I said “more on that in a bit?” That time is now.) I’m hoping to go back and heavily edit the novel that I wrote YEARS ago, and put it here in serialized posts, with the eventual goal of getting it published. And that can only happen with your permission, basically. You like it, it becomes a reality, through the magic of the internets (that is, self-hosting and probably self-publishing). See how this works?


So there’s my goals for the year, in 1000 words or less (but only slightly less). Am I crazy? Probably. Will I be eventually? Definitely. But I have something that will help me achieve all these goals, one way or another.




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