Resolve 2014

Good morning!

As promised, here’s the post that I INTENDED on writing last week. Well, part of it at least. This may be long enough to be a two-parter, I feel.

So every new year I try to make some resolutions to get myself back on track after the holidays, if nothing else. This year, however, is going to be some work. You see, I’ve come to realize a few things over the course of 2013.

  1. Our family health needs some major attention, the kind of attention that we can’t simply allow our doctors to breeze over. Taking matters into our own hands sortofa thing.
  2. We need some serious spiritual realignment.
  3. If any of this is going to happen, I’m going to have to be the one to enforce it.

How did I come to these realizations? Let’s go back to the list…

  1. Mike spent a week in the hospital due to his inflammatory bowel disease. Basically he crept toward death over the course of a terrible month, and neither he nor I realized how bad it was. THEN after all this, we went through a series of new doctors and new medications that also nearly killed him (or would have, had he continued with them). Basically this adventure is going to require a post unto itself, but I want you to know where I’m coming from. For my part, my pregnancy could have been healthier, and I think the illness that I came down with near the end (PUPPs), coupled with a premature membrane rupture is an indication of that. “Good enough” for us, is no longer good enough.
  2. Mike and I were very spiritual kids in high school and college, but lately we’ve been slacking off. We haven’t been to confession nearly enough, and daily prayers together have been lacking. Now that we have a family, we need to get our prayer routine down now while the baby is still a baby and it’s easier to establish.
  3. Now I know that statement in #3 above makes it sound like Mike isn’t doing anything, which isn’t at all true. He’s the captain, and I’m the first mate. But you see, the first mate is the one that makes sure everything happens to the captains expectations. We’re a very good team, driver and navigator, head and neck, tweedle dee and tweedle dum (not a good example? Whatever…), and he let’s me run the day to day of the household. As it happens, this includes our routine, and if I don’t make it (whatever “it” may be) part of the routine, it’s not going to happen. My dear husband brings home the bacon, and this takes all of his time and energy (sometimes more than he’s got to give). This makes me the family doctor, teacher, police officer, head chef and washwoman. Also known as Mom, amiright? I’m taking this role very seriously this year.

Whew! Now you see why I’ve decided to have some serious resolutions for this year. They seemed a little daunting at first, but now I’m excited, mostly because we are a few weeks in, and things are going good so far. Usually I throw a whole bunch of resolutions at the wall, and see what sticks, but this year I’ve had a more tactical approach.

Approaching this tactically, I/we have decided to divide my/the family’s goals for the year into four categories:

  1. Mind – things that involve learning, or thinking some how. It’s kind of a grey matter (see what I did there?)
  2. Soul – what’s it going to take to get my family into heaven? Baby steps here.
  3. Body – Health and fitness, and what goodness goes into it.
  4. Family – What we do together
  5. BONUS! Blog – I have plans for this website as well. Stay tuned.

Wow. I was right – this got long fast. Well, by Wednesday I should have up part two of my resolutions, where you actually get to see those resolutions. Why am I bothering putting this here? Because I hope that, in writing about these things that I’m going to do/learn/read/make, I’ll better be able to analyze them, and make it so you can learn/make/read them too!

So what are your goals for this year? Do  you make resolutions or just have a theme/word for the year? Feel free to share in the comments – I need all the help I can get!

See ya!


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