So Much for Today…

Today, I told myself, you HAVE to put up a blog post.

I agreed with myself and prepared accordingly. I was going to post about the New Year’s resolutions I made (yes I recognize the fact that it’s the middle of January. Shut up.). I made a list and everything.

Why didn’t I do this earlier in the week? It’s been crazy. This evening is the first evening we don’t have anything going on (meeting, Adoration, meeting…ug. Remind me to stop having people volunteer me for stuff), and during the day I was busy with chores, sicky kids, and preparing for those meetings. So TODAY was THE DAY for blogging.

And then I hit my head. Like, ohmygoshIcan’tgetup hit it. Seriously. Opened a cabinet door, stuff fell out, I got down to pick up the stuff and when I stood back up WHAM! And back down I went.

Long story short, I feel super derpy now, and it’s showing in my typing (It’s taken me a while to write this… God bless the backspace key). I don’t think I have a concussion, but I’m having short spacey episodes. I’ll keep you posted. Anyways, here I am making a post, but it’s not what I want it to be. Hopefully that means that you guys will get a couple more posts next week or over the weekend.

So yea… derp derp derp, hope you don’t hit your own heads. It’s not fun.

The end.


7 thoughts on “So Much for Today…

  1. Oh no! That sounds awful! Can MinuteClinic check for concussions? Or maybe call Nurse Janine? I’m worried about your noggin! Hope the rest of the week goes better for you!

  2. Instead of making New Year resolutions, I never follow through with them, I found this on another blog that you pick one word and mine is “Forward”. I think sometimes I live in the past and need to move forward.

    Honey, I don’t know how you do all of the things you do now, so you take care of yourself and when you get a chance to post I know you will.

    God Bless

    1. I’ve seen that. It’s a great idea if resolutions don’t work for you. Kindof a big picture thing. I like it but I need more concrete ideas, and then I revamp them when lent comes around. Hehe!

  3. Well, at least when stuff falls out of my cupboard I get out of the way. Just expect stuff to fall out and be prepared. I’ll call you later to check on you! Be Careful!

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