I’m not dead yet!

Hello everyone!

Remember me? I’m back, more or less. Sorry about the hiatus. I took a break, obviously. The holidays, spending time with family, and taking care of ourselves took precedence over the digital world. I’m sure you understand! At least, I hope you do!

But in all honesty, we were incredibly busy, between going to and hosting parties, recovering from said parties, and passing, like, four different viruses around to one another. Finn had the latest bug with a fever and all, and I think I’m getting over the same one, though I think my age has spared me the fever portion. OH, and on top of that, the poor kid got his two/three front teeth for Christmas, AND he’s trying desperately to walk, all of which is/was keeping him up at night. Yay sleep deprivation!

Anyways, I’m BACK! And when I say more or less, I want to be clear with you – Sheridanigans is probably going to turn into a weekly blog, with some bonus posts here and there. You see I have several new year’s resolutions (which usually turn into February’s Lenten re-resolutions, heh), which make me realize that, while I need to continue writing, I need to focus it a bit better. I don’t just want to pump out a bi-weekly blog with nothing really good on it. Quality over quantity if you will.

Speaking of resolutions- that will be my next post, (which I DO hope to have up this week) a list of my new years resolutions, some of which may actually have to do with this blog directly or indirectly. So stay tuned to that. Meanwhile, I’m going to go post a quick apology  and a note about some changes to my readers on my KNOW YOUR SAINTS! blog, which has also been sorely neglected.

Hope you had a great holiday and a happy new year!


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