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If you’re reading my blog, I’m assuming I’m not the only blog you’re visiting. I’m also assuming that you haven’t searched the blogosphere very long (or are one of my relatives, ha!) because there are many more, far better blogs out there you could be reading.

 This is one of those blogs…

CarrotsblogpicAs we approach Advent…

Wait. I can’t believe I’m even saying that. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and them BOOM CHRISTMASEVERYWERE! It’s even supposed to snow here in Ohio, AND we’re spending Saturday getting our Christmas tree and decorating and being all Advent-y and *deep breath* I just can’t even believe it.

ANYWAYS, I thought now would be a good time to introduce you to another great blogger that I read, who has inspired me to become a blogger myself.  Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas is a great writer, mother, homesteader, and a fellow Catholic! There are several reasons I read her blog, and more reasons I look up to her as a blogger…

I read her because …

  • She’s simply a good writer, and it’s refreshing to read something that’s consistently well written (See also “Why I Don’t Read My Local Newspaper”, a post that I haven’t actually written because that speaks for itself. Ahem)
  • Her interests/what she does speak to me. Like I said before, she’s a mom, Catholic, grows a garden, loves reading and writing… all things I enjoy.
  • Her kids are cute. Come on, who can resist adorable pictures and quotes?
  • She always posts timely topics. I believe I originally found her through Pinterest… maybe one of her posts about books to read to your kids? I’m sure I re-pinned it. Anyways, many of her posts are like that, one-offs that stand alone and are well-thought-out and shareable. (Side note – Man this post is winning for number of ‘and’s I’ve said in one post! Sheesh…)

I admire her as a fellow blogger because…

  • Again, she’s shareable. Her posts (unless it’s one of her regular, weekly posts) always have a main picture with the title in it for social media sharing purposes. I’ve tried to do this a few times myself, but I haven’t done it well enough, I don’t think. I also have a hard time imagining who would share my blog, so I haven’t done it too much.
  • The woman knows how to network. Between guest bloggers and being a guest blogger herself, she knows how to get around and make herself present (in a good way). I want to say this comes with time and consistent postings, but I just get the sense that she has a knack for it. For example, she’s now featuring an Advent Link-Up featuring bloggers that tell of how they are ‘unplugging’ this Advent…

Heh. Regarding that. I had a momentary panic attack/brain overload that went something like this… watch carefully, folks… this is how my brain works…

“OH! She’s featuring ALL bloggers that do this! ICOULDDOTHIS! It would be a great way to connect and…Wait, maybe my blog isn’t established enough. Oh, crap I’m not even DOING this right- I’m not unplugging for Advent, I’m starting a new blog and that’s the OPPOSITE of unplugging. Well, I mean, I’m probably not going to get on Facebook as much, or whatever, but I don’t know EVERYTHING’SHAPPENINGSOFAST.”  *Sigh*

And then I made myself a cup of tea. Tetley’s. Black. Pinch of sugar.

Anyways, you should check out her blog for all the reasons above. I hope someday this blog is as nice and shiny as hers, even as it takes a step down since, as I mentioned in my panic above, ‘KNOW YOUR SAINTS’ starts this Sunday.  Voting for the Saint to be featured is officially closed, and you’ll have to tune in this Sunday to find out the lucky Saint to premier.

In the meantime, peruse the writings of Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas, and enjoy her nifty new layout. Let me know what you think!

What do you think of these blog reviews? Want to hear more? Got a blog to recommend to me? Let me know in the comments! 


6 thoughts on “Blogs I Read (And Why You Should Too) – Carrots for Michaelmas

  1. Hi sweetie, I tried to go to the Carrots for Michaelmas from your blog and it said it couldn’t be found, so I must be doing something wrong. Don’t down your blog because I think you are doing great. I love hearing about the family and the remodeling of your home. Keep up the great work. Wish the family a very Happy Thanksgiving. Tell Grandma Zeda I said hello. God Bless!

    1. GOODNESS! THANKS Shirley… I had a typo in it. The link should be up and working now. Sheesh that’s the whole point of the post wasn’t it. Silly of me.
      Grandma says hi back! And I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving yourself!

  2. Hey thanks for attaching a link to my giveaway! 🙂

    You should totally link up–I know Haley would love that you love her blog. I’m lucky enough to be in a mom’s playgroup with her. She’s really sweet.

    And hey what’s Know Your Saints? I’m intrigued!

    1. No problemo! I’m still trying to think of something- I’m sure as Advent actually starts I’ll remember what it is we actually do, heh. KNOW YOUR SAINTS debuts this Sunday- I guess the actual blog will be a better explanation then! St. Francis Xavier is our starting saint! Happy Thanksgiving!

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