A Crazy Monday

Hi all…

So sorry for the late post. Today was bananas, and not much got done over the weekend.

Why was today so crazy, well I’ll tell you…

1) Finn AND Mike BOTH have ear infections, which I took them both to the doctors for on Sunday. Well, more accurately, I took Finn to a clinic that took 3 hours to get out of, and I took Mike to the CVS minute clinic, and waiting for our prescriptions to be filled took longer than his appointment. That is, it was a fairly short trip, thank God.  So yeah, nothing got done yesterday.

2) I had the carpet get it’s yearly cleaning today. YAY! It’s solid off white again instead of ‘DIY Dalmatian.’ BUT that meant that I needed to get all the stuff and nonsense off the carpet so that it could be cleaned. OH, and at the last minute I had the sectional cleaned too. What a difference that made. So my house feels a little better and I feel like getting ready for the holidays!

3) The 2 year old boy is on oral steroids for his cough, which is getting much better. However, they wind him up tighter than a banjo string, and the kid is playing just as fast! He came in this morning, and, I kid you not, was doing figure-8 grapevines while asking me 20 different questions/telling me stories, none of which I understood. Note to self: NEVER give this child caffeine. Yeeesh. Fortunately, he was a good boy, just terribly distracted and distracting.

4) Of course, the babies didn’t take naps at the same time today. I gave them lunch while the carpet cleaners worked, put them down for what I thought would be a nap, cleaned up, and finally ate lunch myself. During that time of course one baby then the other woke up, and shortly thereafter I had to pick kids up from school, starting the crazy afternoon.

And now OHMYGOODNESS it’s 5:30 already and it’s time to make dinner and send the kids home. I feel like I spun around a few times after waking up this morning and suddenly it was evening. Fortunately, Dancing With the Stars is on tonight, and that’s Mommy time.

Coming up this week I hope to introduce you to both my preparations for Thanksgiving (it’s next week! Yay!), and my dog, who has been a very good dog lately.

Till Wednesday!

PS- be sure to visit my last post to vote for the first saint to be featured on my new blog “Know Your Saints!” So far we have a four-way tie!


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