A New Blog: Know Your Saints!

Remember that time a couple weeks ago when I proclaimed my Catholicity? No? Anyone? (Looks around, sees Nick raising his hand…) There! There’s one! Hi Nick! And thanks for your witness/comment. I appreciate you visiting (Seriously though, you all should go check out his comment over on that post).

For those of you who don’t remember/didn’t read it, I got a bit excited about the Church Victorious, since it was All Saints Day, the day we celebrate those in heaven whom the Vatican hasn’t named officially. As I was writing that post, thinking about all the saints that I DO know about, I realized that, though I know quite a few names, I don’t actually KNOW them. As in, I know very little of their lives, virtues, vices, what makes them admirable, what challenges they faced, etc etc etc. And though I know a smattering of the popular saints, there’s a good amount on the calendar who are complete strangers to me. And that’s a shame, really, since once you get to know these fine people, you can develop a good working relationship with them. You may even get to know some of their quirks! (Anyone want to share a few they know of? St. Anthony is a smart alek, and I’ve heard St. Therese the Little Flower has a stalker side… in a good way… like a kid that keeps giving you hand drawn pictures when you least expect it)

So, long story short, I’ve decided to create a new blog that focuses on some of these saints. Now I know, there are “Saint of the Day” e-mails, apps, and what not, but, if you ask me, they’re boring/swiped from Wikipedia. Obviously, these little bios will have my own flava added to them. We’ll see where that takes us. Besides that, this blog will have a slightly different format than your average ‘Saint bio’ look. Hear me out…

Every Sunday, I will feature a Saint whose feast day is coming up for the next week, giving you their background and story, of course, but I hope to go a bit further than that and find you not only their actions while on earth, but their actions now that they’re in heaven – the miracles they’ve interceded for, people that look up to them, novenas, prayers, whatever I can find. And here’s the fun part – YOU get to participate! Every week at the end of the post, I’ll let you pick next week’s featured saint, via a poll of those saints who’s feast days are upcoming that week. (Did that make sense?) So you’ll have to make sure you read and vote!

OH! And other fun thing/shameless plug. My Mom, the artist in the family (see my new ‘marble’ mantle) will *hopefully* create an image of each week’s featured saint that you will be able to purchase via her Etsy page. Hi Mom! I said it on the internet, so you have to do it now! (Right? Is that how life works? Or do I have to get a thousand ‘likes’ or something?)

Anyways, the blog is going to be KNOW YOUR SAINTS (knowyoursaints.wordpress.com), but don’t bother going to it yet, since it’s not up and live. I hope to have my first post the first week of Advent. Unfortunately, that will mean that this blog will take a cut in posts… Tues/Thurs will be the new norm. I’m sure you won’t suffer too much. 😉

And now, to see how this ‘poll’ thing works, and to help me get ready for the first post of the new blog, I’m asking you to weigh in on who you think my first featured saint should be! And let me know what you think of this venture (and how the poll format looks/works) in the comments!

Thanks everybody! Have a great weekend!

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