The Living Room, Part 4

Ah, here it is. Finally… the (90%) finished living room. doneDoneDONE!

Well, except for that 10%… pictures need re-hung, vacuuming needs done again, and the carpet needs a professional cleaning… all of which need done before Thanksgiving, which is speedily approaching! I’ll give you more pictures when THAT is all finished, but for now, this will suffice. So… PICTURES!

And a few shoutouts! First of all, many many many thanks go out to my wonderful parents and in-laws. Without their help and work and babysitting, I would still be banging my head against my unpainted walls. Last weekend and the weekend before they really helped us pull through and get the walls to a point where we could finish them up ourselves. So THANKS GUYS!

Alright, seriously this time… Pics!


Ok, so this is what you see when you enter the living room! Notice I have no curtains yet… hopefully those will show up sometime this week (Yay Amazon Prime!) Two lovely shades of green (the walls are Fennel Splash by Valspar… I forget the trim name, but it’s just a shade darker on the same paint chip), and you can’t even tell in this picture the roughness of the walls! And they’re still pretty rough, despite a thick coating of primer and lots and lots of joint compound. Also, that couch is not right up against the wall – there’s a toy box width between the wall and the couch… You’ll see in a minute I suppose…

But first! A little “before” action…


And now, “AFTER!”


Sorry, I know… the pictures don’t exactly line up. Ain’t no photographer here, folks. And check out that mantle… yes that mantle behind the vacuum cleaner (I TOLD you it needed done!). Is.. is that a marble mantle? Well, no, but it sure is convincing in the picture, isn’t it? That’s a faux paint job, via mi madre! Thanks, Mom! And notice the wall… eh, eh? You like? That’s the venetian plaster we were GOING to do in the entire room.

Next corner! I'm standing on that toy box I told you about...
Next corner! I’m standing on that toy box I told you about…

See how it’s variegated and has a reflective shine? No? Well it looks better in person. And in the daylight. In a way I’m glad that it didn’t cover all the walls, because A) it was expensive, B) it took longer than just rolling paint on the walls, and C) it looks fairly luxe, so having it all over the room would be a little too much. One accent wall is just perfect though.  OH! And I’m getting a new slipcover for that little couch there. The fabric on it is ’70’s special orange-green-brown-black combo, and I want that to be hidden from the world. It’s got good structure though, and a bed inside, so it stays… it just needs to stay covered. *Shudder*

Another “Before”

Wait for it...
Wait for it…


Viola! You like?
Viola! You like?

We painted the door inside and out a darker green still. I’m standing in front of the TV at this point.

*Sigh* And that’s that. Now I just have to worry about the finishing details, but those are much less stressful and can wait for when I’m ready to deal with them. I’m just so glad to have the room back.

So what do you think? Did I answer any questions on how I got from here to there? Let me know because honestly I can’t remember what happened from then to now at this point! We just put our noses to the grind stone to get it done, and you can’t see much from that vantage point! Hope you guys like it, and TTFN!



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