Pros and Cons of This Weekend

This weekend was bananas. So bananas you a not going to get a proper post today. Sorry. I’ll be back in full swing by Wednesday hopefully, and you’ll get a nice update on the living room! Today instead you get a quick list of the pros and cons of the events this weekend… Here goes…

-four gallons of Venetian plaster faux finish are NOT enough to cover our walls, and since it’s so expensive, we will need to do something else with our remaining three walls
-I have to go through the process of picking ANOTHER color for the walls. Bleh.
-The washer broke
-the bathroom faucet broke
– my stress level is through the roof
– I swore last night that there were people in our kitchen
– money was spent
– sleep was lost
– Finn is getting a cold

– that Venetian plaster looks pretty good, and will look even better with a good thick coating
– our dining room has a new floor that’s NOT carpet, and it looks fantastic
-Mike figured out what was wrong with the washer in less than an hour and had it fixed two days later when the part came in
– Mike managed to rig up a way to turn the faucet on and off easily till we can replace it
– Mike ALSO moves like a ninja in a perceived emergency/dangerous situation. Basically he’s awesome.
– There were just loud drunks walking around outside, not in my kitchen
– The living room will hopefully be back in working action next week

And that’s it for now. Till Wednesday… I hope!


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