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Blogs I Read (And Why You Should Too) – Carrots for Michaelmas

If you’re reading my blog, I’m assuming I’m not the only blog you’re visiting. I’m also assuming that you haven’t searched the blogosphere very long (or are one of my relatives, ha!) because there are many more, far better blogs out there you could be reading.

 This is one of those blogs…

CarrotsblogpicAs we approach Advent…

Wait. I can’t believe I’m even saying that. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and them BOOM CHRISTMASEVERYWERE! It’s even supposed to snow here in Ohio, AND we’re spending Saturday getting our Christmas tree and decorating and being all Advent-y and *deep breath* I just can’t even believe it.

ANYWAYS, I thought now would be a good time to introduce you to another great blogger that I read, who has inspired me to become a blogger myself.  Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas is a great writer, mother, homesteader, and a fellow Catholic! There are several reasons I read her blog, and more reasons I look up to her as a blogger…

I read her because …

  • She’s simply a good writer, and it’s refreshing to read something that’s consistently well written (See also “Why I Don’t Read My Local Newspaper”, a post that I haven’t actually written because that speaks for itself. Ahem)
  • Her interests/what she does speak to me. Like I said before, she’s a mom, Catholic, grows a garden, loves reading and writing… all things I enjoy.
  • Her kids are cute. Come on, who can resist adorable pictures and quotes?
  • She always posts timely topics. I believe I originally found her through Pinterest… maybe one of her posts about books to read to your kids? I’m sure I re-pinned it. Anyways, many of her posts are like that, one-offs that stand alone and are well-thought-out and shareable. (Side note – Man this post is winning for number of ‘and’s I’ve said in one post! Sheesh…)

I admire her as a fellow blogger because…

  • Again, she’s shareable. Her posts (unless it’s one of her regular, weekly posts) always have a main picture with the title in it for social media sharing purposes. I’ve tried to do this a few times myself, but I haven’t done it well enough, I don’t think. I also have a hard time imagining who would share my blog, so I haven’t done it too much.
  • The woman knows how to network. Between guest bloggers and being a guest blogger herself, she knows how to get around and make herself present (in a good way). I want to say this comes with time and consistent postings, but I just get the sense that she has a knack for it. For example, she’s now featuring an Advent Link-Up featuring bloggers that tell of how they are ‘unplugging’ this Advent…

Heh. Regarding that. I had a momentary panic attack/brain overload that went something like this… watch carefully, folks… this is how my brain works…

“OH! She’s featuring ALL bloggers that do this! ICOULDDOTHIS! It would be a great way to connect and…Wait, maybe my blog isn’t established enough. Oh, crap I’m not even DOING this right- I’m not unplugging for Advent, I’m starting a new blog and that’s the OPPOSITE of unplugging. Well, I mean, I’m probably not going to get on Facebook as much, or whatever, but I don’t know EVERYTHING’SHAPPENINGSOFAST.”  *Sigh*

And then I made myself a cup of tea. Tetley’s. Black. Pinch of sugar.

Anyways, you should check out her blog for all the reasons above. I hope someday this blog is as nice and shiny as hers, even as it takes a step down since, as I mentioned in my panic above, ‘KNOW YOUR SAINTS’ starts this Sunday.  Voting for the Saint to be featured is officially closed, and you’ll have to tune in this Sunday to find out the lucky Saint to premier.

In the meantime, peruse the writings of Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas, and enjoy her nifty new layout. Let me know what you think!

What do you think of these blog reviews? Want to hear more? Got a blog to recommend to me? Let me know in the comments! 


Thanksgiving Aproacheth

So for the third year in a row, my family’s Thanksgiving celebration is at my house. Which means today’s (and Wednesday’s) posts are going to be fairly short! Don’t get me wrong, I get a lot of help with food, but the house is in need of cleaning and de-cluttering, and with five children running around, well, that’s a full-time job unto itself!

All together I should have about 12 or 13 people at the table (14 with Finn!), which means we need to move our table to the living room so we can expand it fully and get everyone around it. The first year we tried to keep it in the dining room, and it was WAY too tight a squeeze. The only problem is that this year we have a new-to-us VERY heavy Amish made oak table… but Mike assures me we can move it no problem. I trust him. I’ve got a lovely tablecloth and napkins, and I get to use my china! But all that stuff is MINOR compared to what comes next… THE MENU!

Here goes… Ahem…

Drinks include Iced Tea, Apple Cider, Coffee & Hot Tea, and Wine from a lovey local vineyard.

Roasted Turkey

Grilled Turkey wrapped in Bacon (I know, right!?!)


Creamed Corn

Sweet Potato (ok, actually butternut squash) Casserole

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Scalloped Potatoes

Green Bean Casserole

Stuffing (And Gluten Free Stuffing by and for my celiac Mother)

Chicken & Noodles (from Grandma, because of course she makes the best kind)


Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce

Apple Pie

AND whatever pumpkin-y dessert Mom brings. She’s promised more than one, since she had a copious amount of pumpkin in her garden this year.

OH, she’s also bringing appetizers, but I expect those will get eaten with some turkey sandwiches later in the evening, since I hope for us all to hang out, play games, and just enjoy each other’s company.

However, all the above nonsense will take place on FRIDAY, since we are going to Mike’s family’s Thanksgiving feast on Thursday. For them I hope to make what I hope to be the first recipe here on Sheridanigans… Wait for it…

Red Beet and Butternut Squash Casserole with Caramelized Bacon

The only problem is that this idea is all in my head, and I haven’t actually made it yet, ever.  So you’re probably going to have to wait till after Thanksgiving for that one. That way you’ll have pictures to go along with the recipe. Hopefully.  

BUT none of that will happen if I don’t get cracking! Feel free to share your plans and menus in the comments! 

Separation Anxiety

I knew this time was coming, but I didn’t expect it to manifest itself in this way.

Finn is finally going through his separation anxiety phase.

I saw the other kiddos go through it a bit here and there, but it passes quickly. It’s usually accompanied with some ‘stranger danger’ fears, which I’m seeing as well in him. It’s certainly time for him to experience this, as he’s 8 ½ months old, and crawling expertly. I’ve found in kids that, when they develop a new skill or learn to experience more of the world in one way or another, they go through a ‘fear period.’ I believe we go through these our entire lives, really, as we encounter new experiences or learn more about ourselves than we knew before. You hear people say things like “it’s fun, exciting, and terrifying all at the same time.”

That’s exactly what these babies are going through when they have these anxieties. They’re proud of themselves for learning a new skill and want to explore new things, but at the same time, they learn that they are vulnerable in a new way. I can pull myself up to stand, but I can fall and hurt myself too. I can crawl away from Mommy, but she can leave me and go someplace where I can’t find her again. And learning these things are exciting, but scary.

So Finn is going through all that now, as he becomes a proficient crawler and tries to walk. Since he’s with me nearly 24/7, I worried that he would become very anxious when I leave. But it’s not me that he’s worried about. Nor is it Daddy, who leaves for work before he’s up.

It’s the kids.

I thought it was just ‘stranger danger’ when Finn would start crying when the kids’ grandfather showed up. Yet, he doesn’t cry when the same guy brings them in, in the morning. Eventually we put two and two together and realized that he didn’t want the kids to leave. Yesterday, in fact, all they had to do was yell “Papa’s here!” and the poor little guy became inconsolable.  It was pathetic.

Meanwhile I’m over here like “what am I? Chopped liver??” But I get it. Those big kids are his buddies and pals. They play with him, give him hugs, and keep him out of trouble (more or less). I would probably cry too! They’re his friends, and he’s too little to understand why they disappear at night.

So for now I just have to rock him and do my best to reassure him that they’ll be back.

Then hand him to Daddy. He can be his friend in the evenings! Mommy has dinner to make!


How do you handle your kids’ (or your own!) fear periods?


A Good Dog

My good dog, Topher
My good dog, Topher

“If he’s looking to get rid of the dog, I think we could do it.”

This I said to my husband when he informed me that a co-worker was complaining about their poodle-mix they recently acquired, and asked if Mike wanted it. So my dear husband, who had always wanted a puppy, came home a bit excited and we discussed it. We decided that it would be possible to take on a dog now, even though I wanted to start having kids first, and that was something we definitely were not ready for at that time.

As it turns out, said co-worker was joking, but the cards were on the table, and we decided to go ahead and get a dog. Mike was so excited about the mere prospect of a dog that I didn’t have the heart to turn him down. Long story short, we had a puppy within the year.


Topher is a black Goldendoodle, that is, half Golden Retriever, half Poodle, a mix that would be kind to Mike’s animal dander allergy, and excellent with people and kids. His name is short for Christopher, and since I didn’t want to name any of our boys that, we gave it to a dog! We did our research before purchasing him from a very nice breeder (We may rescue someday, but since this was our first dog, and Mike’s first true puppy EVER, we didn’t want to take any chances), and read books by both Caesar Milan and the Monks of New Skete. Those monks man, they were EXCELLENT. How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend is an unsurpassed dog book, and I insist that anyone considering getting a dog read it.

The dog's eyes disappear for the camera

Anyways, using our knowledge from those books, we trained Topher, though his temperament was such that training was not difficult at all. He’s a very smart dog that just wants to please you.

He went through what we like to call his "Muppet" phase...
He went through what we like to call his “Muppet” phase…

The kids love him, and he’s so good around them that even they can take him on walks no problem. He’s very gentle, despite being only 2 years old and still being a bit of a puppy. He’s a snuggler, as seen in the picture above (he crawled up on the couch and put his head down on my lap without being asked), especially so if you’re not feeling good.

At first I was skeptical about having a dog before kids, but there are a couple of reasons this worked out fantastically for us. First of all, anything that goes on the floor food-wise, I never have to clean up! Basically it’s his job to clean up after the kids are finished with lunch, snacks, etc. And since we’re following the Baby Led Weaning approach, having a dog who’s not picky about food is perfect!

Also, he’s got that doggy intuition that I’ve come to rely on a bit. Based on his attitude, I can decide if I need to be worried about a storm, the people outside, or my family’s (or my own) well-being. For example, when Mike was desperately sick with the stomach flu (it eventually landed him in the hospital), it was Topher that ran to tell me he was vomiting. The look on his face was priceless. I heard something funny from the other room, then I see my poor dog running up to me, his eyes bugging out of his head, saying, “Come help! Something’s happening and I don’t know what to do!”

That intuition told me (though a bit in hindsight) that I would be going into labor soon. Two days before my labor started, Topher started poking my pregnant belly pretty hard with his nose, then sitting back and giving me a significant ‘look.’ I laughed it off at the time, because what are the odds, right? Though if I thought about it, I realized that’s not how he asks for attention or to go outside or something. I was still a week or so from my due date, and it being my first, there was surely no way I would deliver on time, much less early. I remember joking about it to my friend via text, even. Sure enough, two days after the doggy bumps began, my water broke! And what’s really funny is that I wasn’t even really in labor – I believe my water broke prematurely, since I had such a long, drawn out labor (another story for another time!), but Topher was able to predict that, I believe.

Basically, he’s a great dog, and I’m so glad we have him. You’re going to hear more about him, now that I’ve introduced you. He and Finn are going to be best buds, and if we didn’t get Topher before we started having kids, I can’t say WHEN we would get a dog, since having a puppy AND a baby would be madness. But having a baby and a dog that ADORES kids is fantastic.

Do you have a good dog? What kind is it? How do you and your kids get along?


A Crazy Monday

Hi all…

So sorry for the late post. Today was bananas, and not much got done over the weekend.

Why was today so crazy, well I’ll tell you…

1) Finn AND Mike BOTH have ear infections, which I took them both to the doctors for on Sunday. Well, more accurately, I took Finn to a clinic that took 3 hours to get out of, and I took Mike to the CVS minute clinic, and waiting for our prescriptions to be filled took longer than his appointment. That is, it was a fairly short trip, thank God.  So yeah, nothing got done yesterday.

2) I had the carpet get it’s yearly cleaning today. YAY! It’s solid off white again instead of ‘DIY Dalmatian.’ BUT that meant that I needed to get all the stuff and nonsense off the carpet so that it could be cleaned. OH, and at the last minute I had the sectional cleaned too. What a difference that made. So my house feels a little better and I feel like getting ready for the holidays!

3) The 2 year old boy is on oral steroids for his cough, which is getting much better. However, they wind him up tighter than a banjo string, and the kid is playing just as fast! He came in this morning, and, I kid you not, was doing figure-8 grapevines while asking me 20 different questions/telling me stories, none of which I understood. Note to self: NEVER give this child caffeine. Yeeesh. Fortunately, he was a good boy, just terribly distracted and distracting.

4) Of course, the babies didn’t take naps at the same time today. I gave them lunch while the carpet cleaners worked, put them down for what I thought would be a nap, cleaned up, and finally ate lunch myself. During that time of course one baby then the other woke up, and shortly thereafter I had to pick kids up from school, starting the crazy afternoon.

And now OHMYGOODNESS it’s 5:30 already and it’s time to make dinner and send the kids home. I feel like I spun around a few times after waking up this morning and suddenly it was evening. Fortunately, Dancing With the Stars is on tonight, and that’s Mommy time.

Coming up this week I hope to introduce you to both my preparations for Thanksgiving (it’s next week! Yay!), and my dog, who has been a very good dog lately.

Till Wednesday!

PS- be sure to visit my last post to vote for the first saint to be featured on my new blog “Know Your Saints!” So far we have a four-way tie!

A New Blog: Know Your Saints!

Remember that time a couple weeks ago when I proclaimed my Catholicity? No? Anyone? (Looks around, sees Nick raising his hand…) There! There’s one! Hi Nick! And thanks for your witness/comment. I appreciate you visiting (Seriously though, you all should go check out his comment over on that post).

For those of you who don’t remember/didn’t read it, I got a bit excited about the Church Victorious, since it was All Saints Day, the day we celebrate those in heaven whom the Vatican hasn’t named officially. As I was writing that post, thinking about all the saints that I DO know about, I realized that, though I know quite a few names, I don’t actually KNOW them. As in, I know very little of their lives, virtues, vices, what makes them admirable, what challenges they faced, etc etc etc. And though I know a smattering of the popular saints, there’s a good amount on the calendar who are complete strangers to me. And that’s a shame, really, since once you get to know these fine people, you can develop a good working relationship with them. You may even get to know some of their quirks! (Anyone want to share a few they know of? St. Anthony is a smart alek, and I’ve heard St. Therese the Little Flower has a stalker side… in a good way… like a kid that keeps giving you hand drawn pictures when you least expect it)

So, long story short, I’ve decided to create a new blog that focuses on some of these saints. Now I know, there are “Saint of the Day” e-mails, apps, and what not, but, if you ask me, they’re boring/swiped from Wikipedia. Obviously, these little bios will have my own flava added to them. We’ll see where that takes us. Besides that, this blog will have a slightly different format than your average ‘Saint bio’ look. Hear me out…

Every Sunday, I will feature a Saint whose feast day is coming up for the next week, giving you their background and story, of course, but I hope to go a bit further than that and find you not only their actions while on earth, but their actions now that they’re in heaven – the miracles they’ve interceded for, people that look up to them, novenas, prayers, whatever I can find. And here’s the fun part – YOU get to participate! Every week at the end of the post, I’ll let you pick next week’s featured saint, via a poll of those saints who’s feast days are upcoming that week. (Did that make sense?) So you’ll have to make sure you read and vote!

OH! And other fun thing/shameless plug. My Mom, the artist in the family (see my new ‘marble’ mantle) will *hopefully* create an image of each week’s featured saint that you will be able to purchase via her Etsy page. Hi Mom! I said it on the internet, so you have to do it now! (Right? Is that how life works? Or do I have to get a thousand ‘likes’ or something?)

Anyways, the blog is going to be KNOW YOUR SAINTS (, but don’t bother going to it yet, since it’s not up and live. I hope to have my first post the first week of Advent. Unfortunately, that will mean that this blog will take a cut in posts… Tues/Thurs will be the new norm. I’m sure you won’t suffer too much. 😉

And now, to see how this ‘poll’ thing works, and to help me get ready for the first post of the new blog, I’m asking you to weigh in on who you think my first featured saint should be! And let me know what you think of this venture (and how the poll format looks/works) in the comments!

Thanks everybody! Have a great weekend!

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The Living Room, Part 4

Ah, here it is. Finally… the (90%) finished living room. doneDoneDONE!

Well, except for that 10%… pictures need re-hung, vacuuming needs done again, and the carpet needs a professional cleaning… all of which need done before Thanksgiving, which is speedily approaching! I’ll give you more pictures when THAT is all finished, but for now, this will suffice. So… PICTURES!

And a few shoutouts! First of all, many many many thanks go out to my wonderful parents and in-laws. Without their help and work and babysitting, I would still be banging my head against my unpainted walls. Last weekend and the weekend before they really helped us pull through and get the walls to a point where we could finish them up ourselves. So THANKS GUYS!

Alright, seriously this time… Pics!


Ok, so this is what you see when you enter the living room! Notice I have no curtains yet… hopefully those will show up sometime this week (Yay Amazon Prime!) Two lovely shades of green (the walls are Fennel Splash by Valspar… I forget the trim name, but it’s just a shade darker on the same paint chip), and you can’t even tell in this picture the roughness of the walls! And they’re still pretty rough, despite a thick coating of primer and lots and lots of joint compound. Also, that couch is not right up against the wall – there’s a toy box width between the wall and the couch… You’ll see in a minute I suppose…

But first! A little “before” action…


And now, “AFTER!”


Sorry, I know… the pictures don’t exactly line up. Ain’t no photographer here, folks. And check out that mantle… yes that mantle behind the vacuum cleaner (I TOLD you it needed done!). Is.. is that a marble mantle? Well, no, but it sure is convincing in the picture, isn’t it? That’s a faux paint job, via mi madre! Thanks, Mom! And notice the wall… eh, eh? You like? That’s the venetian plaster we were GOING to do in the entire room.

Next corner! I'm standing on that toy box I told you about...
Next corner! I’m standing on that toy box I told you about…

See how it’s variegated and has a reflective shine? No? Well it looks better in person. And in the daylight. In a way I’m glad that it didn’t cover all the walls, because A) it was expensive, B) it took longer than just rolling paint on the walls, and C) it looks fairly luxe, so having it all over the room would be a little too much. One accent wall is just perfect though.  OH! And I’m getting a new slipcover for that little couch there. The fabric on it is ’70’s special orange-green-brown-black combo, and I want that to be hidden from the world. It’s got good structure though, and a bed inside, so it stays… it just needs to stay covered. *Shudder*

Another “Before”

Wait for it...
Wait for it…


Viola! You like?
Viola! You like?

We painted the door inside and out a darker green still. I’m standing in front of the TV at this point.

*Sigh* And that’s that. Now I just have to worry about the finishing details, but those are much less stressful and can wait for when I’m ready to deal with them. I’m just so glad to have the room back.

So what do you think? Did I answer any questions on how I got from here to there? Let me know because honestly I can’t remember what happened from then to now at this point! We just put our noses to the grind stone to get it done, and you can’t see much from that vantage point! Hope you guys like it, and TTFN!


The Home Invasion That Wasn’t

Hi guys!

I’m back! Finally! Sorry about last week. The work on the living room came to a head, and what with that and fighting off a cold, I had no time or mental stability to sit down at the computer to pound out anything that would look like normal English. So obviously all you got was that list about the week before.  Did you get that?

Did you notice that I thought we had a break in, in the middle of the night? Yeeeeahhh… Turns out that when your nerves are shot and you’re feeling a bit ragged in every possible way, your brain can play tricks on you, with the help of just a few senses!

And here’s how… or at least, how, in my case…

It was around 1 AM that night (morning?) and Mike and I had gotten to bed late, as was usual the past couple of weeks. I was so tired that I couldn’t fall asleep properly. I hate getting like that – do you know what I mean? You just get so tired that your body is in constant ‘awake’ mode and you just can’t wind down properly. I could fall asleep, but it was only skimming the surface. Among other nattering thoughts, I was a little nervous about the safety of the house to begin with, since we had to take the old windows out of their frames in order to paint them. They had been like that for a couple of days, really. We had the storm windows down, so they were secured, and honestly, anyone who tried to walk through that landmine of a living room -what with it’s ladders, paint cans, and tarps strewn about- would break their neck and make a hellova noise before actually getting anywhere.

Yet that didn’t stop my subconscious being on alert and thinking ‘what if’s, despite my exhaustion and perfect safety. So while I was “sleeping” I was listening to the people outside walking home from the bars. By the way, we live within shouting distance of at least two bars, and walking distance of… I don’t know, a lot. It’s nice if you want a drink and a little night life (or something like that in this small city), not so much if you don’t like people shouting at each other as they’re walking home from said bars.

Anyways, usually I hear them come and go, but for some reason this group of people lingered just long enough. I heard them coming  – they sounded very clear and present for some reason, and suddenly I SWORE they HAD to be inside my kitchen, just down the hall from our bedroom. HOW ELSE COULD THEY SOUND THAT LOUD AND CLEAR???

MICHAEL!” I whisper-yelled to my poor sleeping husband, “someonesinsidethehouse!”

Well this man… This poor dead-asleep man… This man who, if awoken at a moment’s notice for ANYTHING else, is a believeable zombie…

This man was a tiger.

He little more than sat up, confirmed what he thought I said, then he was in ‘GO’ mode. He rolled out of bed, grabbed the case we have his pistol in and put it together. (By the way, I wasn’t worried about baby Finn, since he was sleeping in his crib in the same room as us. I was, nonetheless, hovering over him as he obliviously slept through the situation.) Then suddenly Mike grabbed his phone, and that’s when I realized that my gut was trying desperately to slap by adrenal glands, saying “Stop that! Nothing’s happening!” I realized that we might look very silly AND distract them from real work should we call the police and there be nothing in the house but a hysterical and sleep deprived housewife. I told Mike as much, mostly in jabbers of “maybe just drunks outside,” and he nodded and handed me his phone, which now had a picture of our kitchen on it.

“Watch this” he told me, and that’s when I remembered that we have a security camera in our kitchen (basically the room with the most traffic), that’s hooked up to our wifi, and locked down tight (internet-wise, that is. Again, I have a very savvy husband). He instructed me to keep an eye out while he looked around the house, brought the dog out with him, and began to scope out the house.

Meanwhile I hovered over Finn’s crib, staring intently into the magical screen that showed me the dimly lit kitchen and doorways, saying ‘Hail Mary‘s in the background of my brain and quivering with a surge of unnecessary adrenaline. I watched as our goofy Goldendoodle pranced about the house, peeking around the corners and looking back at Mike like “is this what we’re doing now? Are we going outside? Should I be concerned?” At that point my thoughts were more confirmed that there really was nothing in the house but me, the hysterical housewife. If there weren’t, my dog would not be acting like that. He may be goofy, but he knows what’s up.

But adrenaline flowed freely still, and I focused on my husband clearing each room in our house, and admired him. He lead with his eyes, keeping the gun down and his finger off the trigger the whole time (gun safety and knowledge saves lives people!). He checked every room and window, and moved slowly and stealthily, and made sure that his house was secure.

All this from a man who has literally pushed my nose trying to hit the snooze button, having rolled the wrong way. Twice. In a row. With his eyes open.

So what else could I do when he came back in but give him the biggest hug I could muster while still quivering and sleepy at 1 AM in the stinking morning (night?)? I was so proud of him, and come to find out, he was a little proud of himself too – we had never had a ‘situation’ before, and he performed admirably. I probably would have done a bit more myself (like make sure my phone was ready to call 911, grabbed Finn, etc) if I hadn’t realized so quickly that it was just my imagination. I also told him how grateful I was that he trusted my word without hesitation, and did all he could to make sure we not only really were safe, but that I felt safe. Or at least I tried to. I felt pretty silly at that point and I can’t remember what I really said – that was at least the gist of what I wanted to get across to him.

After that, we lay in bed nervously whispering to each other, me apologizing, him reassuring me that he was glad I said something nonetheless, trying to convince our poor brains to go back to sleep. One of the things that I thought over and over again was how grateful I was that God gave me such a wonderful husband and a man that I’m proud to have my son look up to.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of the home invasion that wasn’t.

Side note, and a little teaser – THE LIVING ROOM IS FINISHED! I hope to have pictures and the story of how it all wrapped up (with lots of help from our family!) on Wednesday! Stay tuned!

Pros and Cons of This Weekend

This weekend was bananas. So bananas you a not going to get a proper post today. Sorry. I’ll be back in full swing by Wednesday hopefully, and you’ll get a nice update on the living room! Today instead you get a quick list of the pros and cons of the events this weekend… Here goes…

-four gallons of Venetian plaster faux finish are NOT enough to cover our walls, and since it’s so expensive, we will need to do something else with our remaining three walls
-I have to go through the process of picking ANOTHER color for the walls. Bleh.
-The washer broke
-the bathroom faucet broke
– my stress level is through the roof
– I swore last night that there were people in our kitchen
– money was spent
– sleep was lost
– Finn is getting a cold

– that Venetian plaster looks pretty good, and will look even better with a good thick coating
– our dining room has a new floor that’s NOT carpet, and it looks fantastic
-Mike figured out what was wrong with the washer in less than an hour and had it fixed two days later when the part came in
– Mike managed to rig up a way to turn the faucet on and off easily till we can replace it
– Mike ALSO moves like a ninja in a perceived emergency/dangerous situation. Basically he’s awesome.
– There were just loud drunks walking around outside, not in my kitchen
– The living room will hopefully be back in working action next week

And that’s it for now. Till Wednesday… I hope!

I AM Catholic

So I realized that the last time I proclaimed that “I AM” something, I was telling you that I am a childcare professional. It made sense to start off with that since it’s kindof the reason to start this blog, and it’s what makes up the majority of who I am and what I do right now. But I would be remiss if I never told you about a part of me that influences my every waking moment, and has shaped my life in ways I have yet to understand. I am in love with it. It’s very exciting. It’s challenging. It’s something that makes me better and better. It’s given me every good thing that I have in life. Are you ready? Can you guess what it is?

You can?

Oh… my title gave it away? Well shoot.

Hey! You’re still reading, are you, even after you learned that I AM CATHOLIC!?  Good for you! Are you Catholic too? (and if not, how come?) You should tell me in the comments! Because we’re everydangedwhere. Worldwide, baby. You know that’s what Catholic means, right? Universal? No? Well now you do!

Honestly, I can’t imagine being anything else. I’m what you call a ‘cradle Catholic,’ meaning I was raised from birth in the Church by my parents. Not all of us cradle Catholics stay so strong in the faith, but by the Grace of God, I did. I attended Catholic school for grade school, where my faith was first stirred and introduced. I went to a Catholic high school, where my faith was cemented. I even went to a Catholic college, the awesome Franciscan University of Steubenville. It’s so much a part of me, I don’t even know where to start to talk about it, or explain anything about it. So I suppose if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask (By the way, have you seen my new ‘about me’ page?), since I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Mostly I just want to put this out there so you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I talk about saying the blessing before lunch with the kids, going to Mass on Sunday, etc etc. In fact, I thought today was an excellent day to tell/warn you about my beloved Catholicism because it’s All Saints Day! YAY!!

Why is this such an awesome day? It’s like celebrating all the birthdays of my best friends all at once. It IS celebrating those who were victorious in their battle, who fought the ‘good fight’ and won! In fact, if you celebrated Halloween, you celebrated with the Catholic Church – that is, you celebrated the Eve of All Hallows (‘hallows’ meaning ‘holy’). You celebrated the “e’en” of the Holy ones – the saints! … it’s an Old English thing!

Sorry for all the exclamation points!  … I get a bit excited about the faith. Anyways…

Now, we know of specific people who are in heaven now and are exemplars of the faith. They got into heaven SO HARD they can tell us about it, so we know for sure that they’re there. We can look up to them and ask them to pray for us by name. They usually get their own feast day.

BUT obviously we don’t know all those that made it to heaven, so we just sort of gave them all one day to celebrate, and that day is today! So let’s give a shout out to our friends in the Church victorious!


St. Anthony! Pray for us!

St. Therese of Liseux! Pray for us!

St. Francis! Pray for us!

St. Faustina! Pray for us!

St. Maxamillian Kolbe! Pray for us!

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton! Pray for us!

St. Michael the Archangel! Pray for us!

St. Katharine Drexel! Pray for us!

St. Peter! Pray for us!

St. Claire! Pray for us!

St… Ok, I could go on forEVER! Put your shout out in the comments! They’re closer to God than we are, let’s keep asking them to pray for us!


And finally, Blessed Virgin Mary, watch over us, remember us, and most of all, PRAY FOR US!