Communication and Vinyl Flooring

My husband and I have great communication skills. With each other, at least, heh. We find each other quite amusing, which is good, I suppose, since we’re stuck together ’till death.’ I had a friend in high school who, after watching us interact,  remarked that though one could tie us up back to back and throw us in a closet, we wouldn’t get bored – we would still have stuff to talk about and be able to laugh at/with each other.  It’s true.  Besides that we are good at discussing issues before they get out of hand. We don’t allow the silent treatment with each other, and we make sure to listen to the other, especially when it counts.

Honestly, we hardly ever fight. I mean real fights where feelings get hurt, yelling occurs, etc. Nope. I can’t recall the last time we did that. It’s literally been years. Now, little spats of frustration, especially when we’re both tired and grumpy, occur with more frequency, but those are mostly grump-fests that cure themselves with dinner and a good night’s sleep. It all comes back to our communicating with each other.

However, there are some days where even the best of communicators are no match for misunderstandings and home renovations. This was one of those days.

On the list of fixing up our house – along with the living room shenanigans – is removing the carpeting from the dining room and the bathrooms (my entire house is wall to wall carpet, have I mentioned that?), and putting down something not-carpet, and cheap. On one of our many trips to Lowes to gather supplies for the living room, Mike happened to wander back through the flooring and notice that some of the luxury vinyl was under a dollar for a square foot. He mentioned this to me before my running about today, when I visited a discount store that boasted cheap flooring.

With this knowledge in mind, and my good friends Boundless Confidence and Naïveté in tow, I thought “ Huh, so ‘under a dollar’ must be a really good price for cheap flooring.” Therefore, when I found nice vinyl flooring  for $1.11/sq ft, I figured that was a great price for something that looked pretty good, and that everything else at Lowes had to be at LEAST $1.50 – $3.00 for the same or similar. (I hadn’t done my research yet, mmmmkay?) So I picked out all the tile I needed, and even got a couple of nice patterns for the bathrooms that match what we have (they match perfectly, it was serendipitous).  After a little back and forth with Mike on the phone, the vinyl tiles were purchased, loaded (those things are heavy!) and almost on their way home.

I still had to make a trip to Lowes, (after a grocery run – ‘dem kids gotta eat) since Mike had run out of plaster for the living room walls. Just out of curiosity, I visited the flooring section, to see if what I got looked as good as what was in a not-discount store.

Well, it looked good. It looked even better when I saw the price. Most of it was running for $.88/sq ft, and the cheapest was stinking $.38!! *Long exasperated sigh*

So I get all of the goods home, and Mike and I… well, we don’t really have a fight… we have a “but you said” exasperation fest. You see, Mike was just breezing through the flooring, and happened to see a sale sticker – he didn’t actually look at the rest of the prices like I thought he did. I thought he was more certain of those prices, and when Boundless Confidence talked through me about those at the discount store, he trusted that I knew what I was talking about.

One of these days I’m going to teach him to stop trusting me and those two friends. SOOooooooo… long story short, I have 144 square feet of tile to return shamefaced to that discount store to save at least $50 – $100. TA-DA!!!! *Facepalm*

I’m keeping that bathroom vinyl though. An extra few cents is worth a serendipitous color match.  I’m just saying…


One thought on “Communication and Vinyl Flooring

  1. You crack me up! Can’t wait to see the finished room. By the way I need some help installing a floor in my kitchen. LOL You kids are just beginning and I love to read your blog, it makes me happy and not many things today makes me happy. Keep on, Keeping on! God Bless

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