Guysguysguys… Listen. I have to tell you about something that I found. It’s hilarious. I can’t even believe it. OH, the joy this has brought me…

Ok, sorry, I need to back it up a bit. You see, one day last week, one of the girls was watching TV on Netflix. When it’s on the kids section, she can choose what she wants to watch during naptime (she’s too old to need a nap). I heard some wackiness going on, and popped my head in to see what she found.  And what she found… Was this.

BarbieLITDThese are short cartoons, whose animation style looks like they lifted Barbie straight from Toy Story, and gave her the dreamhouse. It’s as though Barbie, the dreamhouse, her friends, pets, and her accessories simply came to life. It takes itself about as seriously as Barbie is supposed to be taken; as a fun child-like creature who can go to the moon and be a vet all in the same day, while hosting a supercool block party afterwards. But more than that – I swear it has to be written by folks in their mid-twenty to forties, who grew up either playing with barbies or suffering through playing with their sisters’ barbies, and now have daughters who want to watch a Barbie cartoon. They want to make a good one for them, but they just can’t help but inject their own brand of humor into it.

It’s VERY watchable. After hearing a bit of what the kids were watching, I told Mike that we had to check this out. I just wanted to see if that one joke I heard was a fluke, and ohmygoodness it was NOT. I’m so glad we watched it. MIKE was cracking up. We watched the whole of what was on Netflix, and in that 20-40 minute span, they cracked jokes straight from Star Trek, Star Wars, AND Indiana Jones. I was dying. And I swear the computerized ‘closet’ of Barbie’s is a GladOS reference (Portal, anyone?) not to mention the fact that he acts like the parent or big brother who gets to play with Barbie – he just wants to keep her closet organized, and can’t help but turn “evil” every once in a while “Why does he even HAVE that switch?”

Seriously, who else does this remind you of?
Seriously, who else does this remind you of?

I think the reason this brings me such joy is that I didn’t have these things when I was a kid. Or, at least, they weren’t as awesome.  I’m not sure if it’s a thing, but I’m a bit of a Barbie geek, and I can’t wait to share it with my someday daughters. I LOVED it growing up, but now that I’m an ‘adult’ with ‘a kid of my own’ … Well, I still love the Barbie brand, and IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER. Think about it – what kind of Barbie things do they have now?  There’s a WHOLE fairyland line! Where were you when I was going through my fantasy stage!?!

I can't even. SHE HAS WINGS GUYS!!!
I can’t even. SHE HAS WINGS GUYS!!!

You know what I had when I was a kid? I had the Barbie Mail Room. Apparently Barbie had to do some real work in the post office between her doctorates and her stint at NASA. Thrilling.  That’s the Barbie that I got. Don’t get me wrong, I totally had the convertible, and a couple of good houses (although they seemed to have disappeared over time, MOM), so things were looking up for Barbie by then at least. But we were not yet at “Mariposa” stage. Kids these days.

Laaaaaaaaame. And I had this set. I would know. At least it had pretend food 'n stuff.
Laaaaaaaaame. And I had this set. I would know. At least it had pretend food ‘n stuff.

My sister and I also had just about every Disney princess barbie that existed, which is what we played with primarily because imagination, guys. But the Disney princesses they have out now? SO PRETTY.

GA! Sparkly! She's so elegant! Prettyprettypretty.
GA! Sparkly! She’s so elegant! Prettyprettypretty.

Ahem. Anyways… Going back to the ‘Dreamhouse’ series. Check it out HERE. Or watch them on Netflix. The videos are just 3-5 minutes long, and YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Have YOU seen these? What did you think? Am I off my rocker and just fangirling, or are these as hilarious as I promised?


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