The Living Room, Part 3

When we last spoke of the horrors that were the living room renovation, I told you about all the magical wallpaper we were finding, not to mention all the holes we were uncovering. Today I’ll update you on where we stand on those walls (which is really hard to do, defying gravity and all), and tell you about a bonus room redo!

After taking a break from the scraping, the hubby (Mike) and I (but mostly Michael every night after work) found that things went much smoother, due to a better wall beneath, and more determination. We decided to take down ALL the wallpaper, and just start fresh. It was a good decision, and now he’s working on patching all the holes and cracks in the plaster. It just feels good to have it all down and to have a fresh wall to start over with.  So, lets take a visual tour, shall we?

Here’s the living room (think of it as a panorama… I guess)





Still Going...
Still Going…



 And yes, I know those are all different shots of the room, so you’re seeing different walls… I’m still trying to figure out how to take pictures for this thing. I’m not a photographer. I just don’t even think to take pictures, so you’re lucky you’ve got anything here.

Ahem. Anyways…  After getting all of the wallpaper down, Mike went around and circled all of the areas that needed a bit of patching before we did anything with paint.

Find the hidden Mickey!

 And then he did some playing around with patching and filling in places with concrete (instead of trying to mess with replacing lath, or whatever it’s called).


And then we realized it was late and stopped for dinner and bedtime.


MEANWHILE… In the spirit of all this fixer-upper nonsense, allow me to direct your attention to our dining room. You see, two years ago, our then-puppy was feeling lonely on a day when we weren’t home, and wanted to play tug-o-war with something, he chose the wallpaper in our dining room. This irritated me greatly because I didn’t ever want to have to mess with the wallpaper in the dining room (or anywhere else in the house to begin with, but obviously THAT desire was unfulfilled). Fast forward to what we’re doing now, and I realize that, while we are peeling wallpaper and paining anyways, we might as well get the mess that is the dining room fixed.

However, the wallpaper that was ruined covered only HALF of the wall, separated by a trim, so that’s the only paper that we had to fix. Yay! During snacktime one day this week, I started to pick at the paper that remained, to find that it came off like a breeze (which makes the dog’s massive destruction a little more understandable now). “Kids!” I shouted, “Wanna help me peel wallpaper?!?” They were more than happy to oblige; they felt like they were helping. And they really did! It was that easy to take off! Here’s what was underneath.

Diningbefore2 Diningbefore1

(The initial excitement at the easy-peeling paper is why you don’t have a real ‘before’ pic. Sorry. Again with the not being a picture taker kinda person, thing)

Now, because I liked the colors to begin with, and didn’t want to have to mess with changing the top wallpaper, (I wanted this done and overwith in a weekend, people) I just found the color that matched the trim, and, after putting down a layer of primer (and a small patch job), we re-painted the trim and the whole lower part of the wall the same color. Eucalyptus Leaf by Valspar, if you must know. It’s nice. Then, because just a flat paint really showed off all of the flaws in the wall, and simply looked unfinished, we got a glaze just a shade lighter and used a dragging technique to make it look a bit like wallpaper. Here’s how it turned out.

Diningpaint2 DiningPaint1

Obviously, it’s not finished finished yet, but the paint is still wet as I write this. That’s why it’s still a bit shiny. After we get the tape off, and all the furniture back where it belongs, I’ll be sure to show you… NEXT TIME! HA!

In the meantime, I’ll be researching what to do with the living room paint colors. I know we are going to use a venetian plaster finish, but beyond that… um… HELP! Anyone have any ideas? I have a taupe couch, a set of richly stained cherry furniture, and everything else is black and white. I like greens, but I’m open for suggestions! Let me know in the comments what you think!


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