Classroom Management & Household Management

No one, to the best of my knowledge, goes to school to become a mom. Although, if there is a school where one can major in home economics, let me know… I would like to get my doctorate, with a double minor in philosophy and homesteading. What the heck, I’ll even take a basket-weaving class, underwater or not!  Sign me up! Then hire me as a professor after I graduate!

No, my friends, I did not go to school for Motherhood, but I did get my Bachelor’s degree in the next closest thing; Teaching. And yeah I went there- I do feel that teachers step into the role of parent from time to time, but that’s another post for another time.

Actually, what I want to talk about today is classroom management, and how it relates to my own household management. You see, with a house full of five children, I feel like I’m running a mini school (and I haven’t even started homeschooling yet!). Of course, that may be because I took quite a bit away from my classroom management classes and now apply them to wrangling the kids on a daily basis, but I find links between the two pretty easily.  Really, I should call it ‘Child Management,” but then it just sounds like I’m training babies to be CEOs.

Maybe I should clarify, for those not in the educational field. Classroom management is just that – making sure a classroom has a plan for running smoothly, and a goal for each day.  It lays out rules, expectations, needs, procedures, etc.  In school, I had to write out a whole fancy plan for how I expected my classroom to run. It really was magnificent.  When I applied it to my teaching career, well, let’s just say that my classroom was ship shape (as ship shape as a large herd of young middle-schoolers can be).We did quite a bit of fun activities. On most days my house is fairly ship shape too, considering the kids are all of different ages, and two of them are just babies.  

In this series, I hope to describe ways that the classroom is not unlike the home, and how treating it similarly has helped me not lose my mind completely.  But I wouldn’t mind your help! If you have a question on how to run your “home room” with more structure, suggestions on how you do the same, or just an observation, feel free to leave a note for me in the comments!

See you Friday!


5 thoughts on “Classroom Management & Household Management

    1. SAYWHAAAAAT??? But that begs the question- what do you do with that degree besides teach it in the college and high school setting? I mean, BESIDES be an awesome (and certified!) housekeeper/parent. Obviously.

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