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If you’re reading my blog, I’m assuming I’m not the only blog you’re visiting. I’m also assuming that you haven’t searched the blogosphere very long (or are one of my relatives, ha!) because there are many more, far better blogs out there you could be reading.

 This is one of those blogs…

"My name is Ree...I'm a desperate housewife. I live in the country. I channel Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman. Welcome to my frontier!"
“My name is Ree…I’m a desperate housewife.
I live in the country. I channel Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman. Welcome to my frontier!”

*Sigh* The Pioneer Woman. Ree Drummond. A brilliant woman, an awesome blog. I’ve followed this blog for about five years now, and it just keeps getting better and more beautiful. This lady is, like, the epitome of blogging; she has guest bloggers (who are all quite professional themselves), organized subjects, in depth articles on all those subjects, recipes, tutorials, quizzes, prizes, the works. I don’t know if she has a manager for her blog or not, but she could –it’s quite the business. If my blog ever becomes half the blog she’s got, I’ll consider my writing a success.

I started following her because she is an excellent writer and storyteller. She’s honest and funny, no matter what she is telling you about. Usually her subjects deal with her life on the ranch, with her husband, homeschooled children, and several dogs, all of which get hungry. To that end, she’s an excellent cook, and her recipes kept me coming back to her blog again and again. In fact, she’s even published a couple of cookbooks in the past five years, and when I use her recipes, the hubby approves with vigor. Her recipes are husband keepers.

So I would recommend visiting her website if you’re feeling like a witty anecdote, a hotel review (She gets to travel quite a bit with her book tours), or a delicious recipe. Or help with homeschooling your kid. Or a quiz on her favorite 80’s movies. The possibilities are endless with the Pioneer Woman. 

As you can see below… I’m not the only one who agrees!

(And yes, I know she has a TV show on Food Network now  -There’s nothing this woman can’t do- but I don’t get cable, so I can only assume that it’s awesome…)

What do you think of these blog reviews? Want to hear more? Got a blog to recommend to me? Let me know in the comments! 


2 thoughts on “Blogs I Read (and Why You Should Too) – The Pioneer Woman

  1. I do love the Pioneer Woman blog/website/recipes/etc, BUT I watched her show one time at my mom’s house and could not stand her voice! Not sure if she has an annoying voice, or if I just find it annoying because it doesn’t match the voice I imagined in my head for months (years?) of reading her blog before she got a TV show.

    Okay, so I follow a lot of blogs, but since you asked:
    – Bakerella
    – Smitten Kitchen
    – A Year of Slow Cooking

    – Southern Savers
    – Living on the Cheap
    – Etsy Stalkers (mostly for entertainment value)
    – Hey, It’s Free!
    – Want Not
    – Giver’s Log

    – Notes from the School Psychologist
    – It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages
    – Bluebird’s Classroom
    – All Access Pass
    – Life, Love, Literacy

    – Pioneer Woman (of course)
    – Busted Halo
    – Cake Wrecks
    – Catalog Living
    – Darling Magazine
    – Lifehacker
    – PostSecret

    And now I feel like I should have emailed this to you instead of posting it as a comment, but oh well! Also, I read all of these blogs (including yours!) via, so I can keep up without actually going to each individual website. There’s an app, too. I used to use Google Reader but then they shut it down. 😦

    1. 1- I know how you feel about the voice thing. I saw an interview with her in it and was like, “who is this even talking? She should sound like me in my head!”
      2- Pretty much all the blogs I read have come at your suggestion… so yea… I’ll be surprised if I review a blog you haven’t heard about. Thanks!
      3- I think I need to break down and start using a reader. Might as well be Feedly, since it takes awhile to keep up with whether or not a blog has updated.

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