The Living Room

We live in an old house.

A very, very, VERY old house.

So old it has wood paneling everywhere… So old it has carpeting everywhere… so old the electric wiring is special, to say the least… So old the ceilings are very high… So old the brick outside has to be painted… so old it has a dirt cellar… so old it’s been renovated several times, and the last one was sometime in the 60’s (I think).

You get the picture.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice house, it just needs a little TLC. Unfortunately, it hadn’t gotten that for quite some time, since the Hubby and I moved in about four years ago. A house needs to be lived in, in order to remain livable, and this house was starting to fall down when we moved in; it was being taken care of, but no one had actually lived in it for over six years prior. So as we sweep out the corners, and shake out the dust, we keep finding cracks. But for the longest time I thought the living room was, well, livable, despite the bits of water damage here and there from a previously fixed leaky roof.

See? Livable! Lovely, even!
See? Livable! Lovely, even!

And for awhile it was, but recently the exterior paint job had finally reached it’s breaking point, you know, after 30 years. Cracks in between the bricks under the dried and chipping paint led to cracks in the wall, which led to wet plaster, which led to crumbly plaster, mold, and wallpaper saying “I’m DONE!” and just falling off the walls. The plaster quickly started following suit.

See there? Under the window? "Abandon Ship!" - Wallpaper. Ignore the adorable babies playing. This isn't about them.
See there? Under the window? “Abandon Ship!” – Wallpaper. Ignore the adorable babies playing. This isn’t about them.

So the hubby and his dad spent a solid week (or two) caulking, sealing, and painting the outside of the house to seal it all up again. The rest of the family (myself included) gave a couple solid days of painting too (I didn’t forget you guys!), and the difference is amazing. I never realized how unsealed this house was until now. Seriously. Wow. Other doors in the house are actually affected if you open or close an outside door or window. As it should be.

But now it’s time to address the issue of the living room walls, and I got all excited, picking out paint colors, deciding on what to do with the trim, and wondering if I should do something special to the faux fireplace to make it look nicer. Because, honestly, how hard is it going to be to take down wallpaper that’s already falling down? We should have this done in a week, two tops, right?

AwfulWall6 Right???

AwfulWall2Oh dear. It seems we have quite a bit of work ahead of us…

Stay tuned for more updates on this fiasco… next time I’ll tell you what we discovered under all that wall paper… 


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