A Story of Myself

Good Tuesday Morning!

We are taking the kiddies on a grand outing today, so… I wouldn’t expect to hear from me tomorrow, just FYI.

But hey, maybe all the kids will take a nice nap at the same time and I’ll get the chance to sit at the computer without having to get up every five minutes.  Hope springs eternal.

Speaking of springy things, I have a story to relate to you that shows pretty well how my brain is working (or rather, not working) as of late.

My brain… my brain is the springy thing… that I was speaking of…

You know what? Never mind. Segues aren’t my forte at this point in time.

Here in the next week or so, Mike and I are having a bit of a dinner party that I’m quite looking forward to. I love dinner parties. I love planning the menu so that everything perfectly complements the other things, from drinks to desserts, I love company coming over and engaging in actual adult conversation that has a flow from start to finish, and is seldom interrupted by its own train of thought, I love making the food, and seeing everyone enjoy a good meal.  LOVE IT I SAY!

So I was thinking about what to have that would be really special, since we’ve never gotten the chance to sit down with this couple as a couple and dine. My hubby mentioned “Oh, we should do fondue… I like fondue.” To which I scoffed a bit, for two reasons; one being that we are going to the Melting Pot (a rather fancy fondue place that is terribly tasty, if you’re unfamiliar. They’re not everywhere yet) for my birthday soonish, two being that the last time we did fondue was because the power was out, and we happened to have shredded cheese, a sterno can, and bread. Honestly, cheese fondue painfully easy once you get the formula down. So, come on, fondue? I can do better.

A day goes by and we’re cleaning out the living room for the renovation that I PROMISE I’ll tell you all about here soon. I have to clean out a huge cabinet so we can move it around. Empty, the thing weighs a ton. I had to pull out all of my wine and champagne glasses, plates, and other random kitchen and decor gear that’s lay within. While I did that I was still wondering about this mystery menu. I pulled out a serving dish that has a place for a sterno can underneath it, and made a mental note that it would be perfect for keeping mashed potatoes warm for Thanksgiving. Hmmm… Turkey? Chicken maybe? What fancy chicken dish can I serve that I know I’m good at making? Ooh… Coq Au Vin! AKA Chicken with wine!

OH, Coq Au Vin! It’s divine… Rich, with scallions and mushrooms and BUTTER, all cooked with the chicken that turns this deep purple… **kisses fingers** It’s divine.

But what to serve with it? It’s a French dish, obviously, so something French… and easy-ish, maybe as a sort of appetizer…


BOOM! It all comes clear in my head… Fondue with the trimmings, Coq Au Vin, tiny roasted potatoes, and chocolate fondue for dessert most definitely. Figure out the little details later because baby we’ve got it! And Mike LOVES fondue! I can’t wait to tell him! He’ll be so excited!

So I put down the things I’m moving about and run out to the other room where he’s working and shout “Fondue! We should have fondue when they come over! And Coq Au Vin, and… what?” I stop my dance that’s emphasizing how awesome this menu is becoming, since he’s giving me a look….

“I SAID THAT YESTERDAY!” he threw his hands up in the air, “You told me it was a dumb idea! That we were going to the melting pot soon and shouldn’t bother!”

OH.  It took me till then to remember.

And that is my brain.

You know that part in The Lion King when Timon says “Wait a minute! What if he’s on OUR side” right after Pumbaa says it?

Well Hakuna Matata my friends.

Till next time…


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