What is Baby Led Weaning?

Actually this post should be “My experience with my first born son and his first attempts at eating real food,” but I already made up the picture to go along with this, so that’s that.

When I was pregnant with lil’ Finn, I knew already that I wanted to do my own purees for his baby food; I wanted him to eat what we were eating, so he would get used to the flavors of normal food. Also, have you seen the prices of baby food lately?? And what even is in them? Determined, I was prepared to by those food strainers, grinders, whatever I needed to make this happen.

And then one day I happened upon this series from ecochildsplay.com, and read the whole thing hungrily. It’s called “Baby Essentials That Aren’t,” and I would recommend it, even if you have a kid. Some stuff you just don’t need, and I knew this and already was against getting everything in the ‘baby essentials’ catalogs.

But I never realized that baby food would be on the list. I mean, come on, what are you going to feed the kid? Real food? However, I read the book (Found here, if you want it too) that they so vehemently recommended and I was convinced.

You see, the answer to that question I asked, was “YES!” As long as you are eating healthy, nutritious meals, and a variety of flavors and textures, your baby, when he shows readiness, can join in on the family meals.  There are a few caveats, but they are few and mostly common sense things. (If you want to know what those caveats are, and what the signs of readiness are, well then, READ THIS BOOK).

So, around a month ago, my husband put Finn on his lap, and we let him grab what was on our plate. And what did he do? He shoved it in his mouth and sucked it down!

And then threw it all back up! Violently!

My poor stinky hubby gave me this look like “Really, lady? We’re giving a baby this food? And we expected what again?” But out loud he said “No, no, I trust you, I trust you,” as I cried, “It’s ok! This is a natural reaction! He’s getting used to it! We’ll try again tomorrow! See? He’s FINE!” (Oh, my friend, Boundless Confidence was eating dinner with us that night too, by the way).

And you know what? I was right. And by the next week when we went on vacation, he was getting much better about not violently hurling up the contents of his stomach as he tried a new food, he, instead, would just gag a bit and spit it back out. By now, he’s actually learned how to chew a bit, and has had a wider variety of foods than any other baby his age that I know of – fajitas, roast squash, roast chicken (the title picture is of him gnawing on a leg bone – he loved it! Though he did get annoyed with his dad giggling and snapping pictures of him), stuffed peppers, venison, pasta, chicken teriyaki, graham crackers, cheerios, eggs, you name it.   And usually he loves it. Some days he eats more than others, other days he just plays, and still others he gets frustrated he can’t keep food on his fork, but that’s all part of growing up.

As for my husband and I, well, we are saving a pretty penny on our food costs, since we don’t have to buy baby food, half of which would be spat out anyways, and isn’t even as nutritious as it would have us believe (see the article at the end of this post), and we get dinner and a show! Like watching a baby learn to roll over and crawl, watching him learn to eat is both entertaining and fascinating. I’m so so SO glad I read that book.

I’m sure I’ll post more on this as we learn and grow in this realm, but for now I just wanted to get this out there, because DOWN WITH BABY FOOD COMPANIES! Stick it to the baby-man!

Erm, yes, well. Anyways….

For more information, without buying the book, visit www.babyledweaning.com, or visit some of the other blogs/articles below!

And in the meantime, enjoy this picture of Finn eating quinoa cooked with blackberries and molasses. He loved it for breakfast…

"Actually, that phone looks pretty tastey too!"
“Actually, that phone looks pretty tasty too!”

2 thoughts on “What is Baby Led Weaning?

  1. Thanks Sheri, as you know Chris and Kim are now Adults but baby food was a lot cheaper. I don’t know how the young families can afford it today. You are a super mom and keep up the great work. God Bless!

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